Adaptive Athletic Specialists

Adaptive Athletic Specialists is an IRS 501c3 in the Commonwealth of Virginia and is registered as a nonprofit and tax exempt organization in the State of Colorado and New Mexico. The organization provides staff training, volunteer clinics and participant instruction in adaptive sports along with Program Development and consulting.  These services are provided with compassion and respect to people with both cognitive and physical disabilities.  In addition, Adaptive Athletic Specialists has historically attended and supported many events, specifically for Wounded Warriors and Veterans. 
AAS is an educational based organization. AAS organizational goal is to educate and develop programs in resorts that have or are establishing an adaptive program at little to no cost to the program.  AAS will do this through funding.  AAS believes that programs funding should go to participants not staff or volunteers. AAS has a strong belief in “The Ripple Effect”.  AAS can work with few participants over the course of a year or train volunteers and staff who can pay it forward.  AAS is a passionate organization that will change lives of participants through the education of people who work with them.


Adaptive Athletic Specialists (AAS) is a non- profit organization that provides educational clinics for adaptive ski/snowboard programs. We work with volunteers, staff and participants. AAS creates and strengthens partnerships with programs.  AAS is very unique, in that we are a mobile unit. AAS has no ties to a particular resort, which allows us to be where we are needed. AAS is formed of key staff that has been nationally accredited and certified through Professional Ski Instructors of America (PSIA). AAS is a credited school and member school PSIA-RM.