Adaptive Athletic Specialists



Blues and Beyound 
This full-day clinic is offered for instructors who are ready to hone their intermediate to advanced instructional skills.  We will delve deeper into the skills and drills used to guide and validate our higher level stand-up skiers.  Level 5-9 skiers are thirsty for more information and terrain; we’ve helped them be successful and passionate about skiing thus far, now let’s get a basis of how to take them that next step in skill development for higher efficiency and performance.
Adaptive Alpine Introduction:  This is a full-day clinic for new ski instructors. It will focus on ‘first time experience’ stand-up skiers and how to help them successfully progress from the rental shop to a Level 4 skier. A skier who matches skis at the end of a turn is a Level 4 skier.This is our on-snow introduction to effective ski instruction. This follows the industry standard format (PSIA) of a “beginner lesson.” This explores what applications adaptive stand-up equipment has to enable your student to succeed in the learning partnership.    


Have you ever been on a lesson and completely misplaced that beginner progression in your head, or had a student who was ready for a new challenge and you weren’t quite sure how to facilitate that? Join this full-day clinic and have the chance to ski and learn from each other.  We will review the basics of effective ski teaching from the time you meet your student until the time you bid them goodbye.  A mix of guided learning and teaching scenarios will be utilized to give you the chance to practice your instructional skills and receive feedback from your peers.  This day will be a light approach to get that ski teaching brain warmed up for a sure to be busy winter.




Improve Your Skiing:  Have you ever ridden up the chairlift and watched a skier come down and thought, “wow, they are good!”, and your buddy next to you asked “why” and you had no response?  This is the forefront of what ski instructors do. This full-day clinic will improve your skiing! Skiers of all levels are invited, as we observe your movements and discuss as a group what we saw.  We will also discuss the movement concepts and break them down. This clinic is a must attend! We will take the big picture and break it down.