Adaptive Athletic Specialists

Nuts and Bolts

 In this session we will go through the parts and pieces along with setup and adjusting of the equipment.

Bi-Ski Seat Assist and Tethering Challenge: 
Let’s be honest, adaptive instructors can never get enough practice with all the equipment we have at our fingertips. This clinic that will give you a full-day of loading, offloading, seat assist, and tethering practice of bi-skis.  If you find yourself on these kinds of lessons a lot, but feel rusty or you want to boost your skills up to be utilized more, join us for this one! Polish your skills in this full day of fun! 


Bi-Ski Progression:  This ½-day clinic will be on snow and we’ll jump right into the basic teaching/learning progression for bi-skis. This clinic will be taught as a sit-down group lesson where you will get a chance to experience first hand the teaching/learning progression from seasoned, and certified, adaptive instructors. We will swap out roles of being in the equipment and helping as the “assistant instructor”.