Adaptive Athletic Specialists


So you taught mono-skiing, but it has been a while. Jump into this clinic. It will clear up any murky water. Go out with an experienced mono-skier and work through different scenarios in a group format.

Blues and Beyond

This full day clinic is offered to instructors wanting to hone their intermediate to advanced instructional skills. We will go beyond the basic progressions and delve deeper into skills and drills to guide and validate upper level students. Level 5-9 skiers have a thirst for more information. Lets build on that and take them beyond the dreaded blue plateau.

Nuts and Bolts

This clinic will take you through set-up, adjusting and on hill repairs. We will breakdown each mono-ski and compare it to others.



This clinic will be taught as a group mono-ski lesson. Learn first hand how to mono-ski and work through the progression from set-up to linking turns.